Adobe CS6 catching up to FCP X – Launching Online at 10am PST!

Subtle, Adobe. Very subtle.

Editing on the run is about to get easier for Adobe users.  Looks like they’re playing catchup to some of my favorite time-saving features in FCP X: click-less scrubbing of clips, timecode-less audio syncing, image stabilization without bouncing out to After Effects, and internal color grading tools.

Plus,  Adobe Creative Cloud promises to allow you to access your CS6 applications remotely.  Interested to see if that makes mobile editing easier.

Adobe is doing a live launch webcast @ 10am PST.  Witness it here.

Official software release “within 30 days”, but pre-orders are starting immediately.

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  1. Christian

    so ya, i’ve been using Premiere as well as fcp x, mainly cause i like the integration with after effects. (the text tools in FCP X offend me deeply)
    do you recommend working natively with the mts files off the nex cameras in premiere or should they be converted to prores first?
    also, when i try to ingest to premiere off the card i notice that i have to delve deep into the folder structure to find the video files, I wonder if thats normal, or if they should just show up the same way they do when importing into final donkey.

    • brandon

      I work natively with MTS files because it’s faster. If you have a lot of time for your edit and want to squeeze every bit of quality possible out of your clips, you should convert to prores with 5dtorgb. This program will squeeze a bit more dynamic range out of the original clips and convert them to a color space that allows more flexibility in color correction. Download the free “lite” version to try it out, then get the full version for $50 if you like it. As for the folder structure, you pretty much have to just dive into the folders to grab the MTS file for Premiere. Note that you don’t have to leave the files in those folders. You can just drag them out into a folder of your choosing, but you lose timecode information. I don’t use timecode so that doesn’t matter for me.

      • Christian

        is 5dtorgb superior to mpeg streamclip or final cut’s conversion tools to prores?

        • brandon

          From what I hear it is better. But it’s like 10x slower. So you just have to weigh that against your timeframe. It basically preserves a little more detail in the highlights, shadows, and makes colors a bit smoother.

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