See what any lens will look like on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (or any camera) with this app

Different cameras have different-sized imaging sensors, which means a wide lens on a Canon 5dmkIII suddenly becomes a telephoto on a Panasonic GH2.   Why?  Math.  And I hate math.

If you want to preview how your lens would look on any DSLR or cinema camera, and you don’t want to do any actual thinking, just go to AbelCine’s Field of View Comparator for an instant “A to B” photo comparison.

They even include Super16mm as an option for sensor size, which happens to match the much-ballyhooed Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  Many potential users are concerned about this camera’s small sensor, which leads to a large crop factor when using lenses designed for Super35mm, APS-C, or full-frame cameras.  How severe is the crop? Will it make your existing lenses useless?  Find out by entering your focal length in the calculator and getting an instant, photographic comparison.  Why waste brain cells on math?

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