Your Sony RX100 can go aerial for about $700 with the DJI Phantom

Quadcopters, those mini-helicopters that fly cameras with amazing fluidity, have been around for a while.  But their cost and complicated operation has kept them out of the reach of non-helicopter experts until recently . Enter the DJI Phantom: a low-cost, backpack-sized, pre-built quadcopter made specifically for flying GoPro action cameras.  But with a modification, you can fly the Rx100 instead and take advantage of the camera’s larger sensor, better color and low-light performance, and image stabilization.

DJI phantom + rx100

For more information on how to do a DIY modification, read the Cheesycam article here.

As you can see in the sample videos (Thanks Kaz Kang!), the Rx100 holds a lot of promise for providing cinematic aerial footage.  It also exhibits far less “jello” wobble than the GoPro:

I have not personally performed this modification, but from what I’ve read, there are some definite caveats: first, the camera is mounted upside down.  Second, the copter will be harder to maneuver because it’s not designed to carry anything that heavy.  High altitudes should probably be avoided.  And third, you’ll only get about 8 minutes of flight time because that’s how long the helicopter’s batteries last.  So definitely make sure you have a Squaretrade warranty on the RX100 in case your Phantom takes a nosedive.

So while this modification might not be for extended flights, it’s certainly a unique way to get otherwise-impossible “boom” shots, “steadicam” shots, or any combination thereof.  Imagine a camera tracking your subject as they walk and then lifting up to show the city on the skyline.  And imagine you did it all yourself with gear that fit into a backpack.


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  1. Dave

    That’s awesome! Doubt I’ll ever do it myself but still cool.

    • Brandon Li

      I’m probably gonna do it once I get back to LA. But I might search for an alternative to the Phantom that is more reliable with better maneuverability.

      • Max

        Seems like that technology is getting better by the day. Curious to see if you find a model that outperforms this.

  2. Tom

    Good to knw! Thanks for

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