Sony’s sexiest camera ever? Full-frame sensor, 1080p and almost pocket-sized

The full-frame big brother of my favorite pocket photo/video camera, the Sony RX100, is arriving around December 14th.

The RX1 will feature the same massive sensor used in Sony’s top-of-the-line SLT-A99, but it will weigh one pound and be small enough to fit in a coat pocket.  It will shoot 1080p at 24fps and 60fps, so you’ll be able to shoot cinematic footage in slow-motion with similar depth-of-field to the Canon 5dmkIII.

It will not have interchangeable lenses, however. You’re stuck at 35mm and f/2.  Nor will it shoot 1080p60 for slow motion.  Nor will it have image stabilization.

Oh yeah, and it’ll cost almost $3,000.

Sony Rx1 compact full-frame camera

Sony RX1

For street-shooting of stills, this could be a killer camera.  I’m not a stills photographer, however.  My interest would be to get that full-frame look in a stealth camera that could be used one-handed so I could shoot with another cam in my other hand.  I’ve gotten quite fluid at shooting with dual RX-100’s, yet I still yearn for shallower DOF and better low-light performance.  The RX1 would fulfill these needs, albeit at a tradeoff.

If it had IBIS (in-body image stabilization), Clear Image Zoom in video mode (allowing lossless digital zooming, a feature included in Canon’s T4i) and was about $1,000 cheaper, I would have two of them on pre-order.  As it is, I consider this marvel of miniaturization to be a videographer’s luxury toy.

For a hands-on review of the RX1 (for photography), I recommend Steve Huff’s review.

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